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Care to heal your body and mind.

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Why we're here

Eating disorders don't "look like" any one thing.

They affect people of every age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. So if you're dealing with tough stuff around eating, body, and mental health, we want you to know you're never alone. And we're here to get you care that's right for you.


Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime — and you don't need to go at it alone.
What to expect with us
Get support right from home
Access chat and video visits with therapists and dietitians who listen and actually hear what you want care to look like. Right when and where you need it.
Join a community of people who've been there, too
Connect with a Care Advocate who will be with you on your healing journey — and support from a group of people who've lived through similar experiences.
We believe empowered care is effective care

Eating disorders and disordered eating are about so much more than food. We're here to listen and support you with whatever's going on. Whether it's tough things that have happened in your past or day-to-day challenges now, we're here for you.

“No one fighting an eating disorder should have to do it alone. We started Arise out of our own experiences to bring people affirming care and connection that's so needed on the healing journey.”

Amanda D'Ambra & Joan Zhang | Arise Co-Founders

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Built by and for people who've lived it, too

Our team is made of people from many different life experiences and areas of expertise. We came together to build a new kind of care that works for real life, wherever you are.

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