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Building effective care for long-term healing from disordered eating

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Listen to lead

We’re not going to have all the answers. To effectively serve every person’s healing journey, we must start by humbly listening to and elevating voices from marginalized communities.

Everybody matters

We’re here for people of any age, race, size, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and background, because everyone deserves to be heard, understood, respected, and supported.

We’re all human

Being human means that we celebrate together and support each other through the low points. We give each other the space to rise and fall and rise again.

We’re fully remote

We believe real flexibility starts with where you work, and our team is stronger when we come together from different places. We're remote-first, but find ways to make IRL fun happen, too!

Unlimited PTO with minimums actually encouraging you to take time to rest and recharge

Great health care including generous plan options, One Medical + Kindbody memberships, mental health stipend, and more

Flex + fun days so we all get time to rest, recharge, and take care of ourselves and our lives outside of work

401(K) because investing in your future is a big deal, and we're here to support you with it

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“The first time I met with Joan and Amanda, it was clear they got it. They not only understood what it was like to live with an eating disorder; but how important it was to be supported by those that not only cared about you, but respected you as well. That is what Arise stands for - increasing access to care, while supporting the empowerment of those receiving care."

Giva, Head of Community Care


“For Amanda D’Ambra and Joan Zhang, the idea of starting and co-founding an eating disorder care startup was personal: Both struggled with an eating disorder, along with other mental health issues, and received treatment — a treatment they hope more people will be able to access."


“I was drawn to Arise because of the mission and vision for folks like me that come from marginalized groups to access equitable health care for their eating disorder. I love working with our members because it gives them the opportunity to see someone like them that is on a similar journey of healing and recovery."

Carol, Care Advocate


“Eating disorders are not just a brain disorder. They're also psychosocial, and so looking at all of those factors is a really important piece of care."


“Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion is often displayed in a company’s values, and unfortunately not represented within its day-to-day workplace and culture. Working in an environment like Arise, where the representation of all employees is seen and celebrated, allows our commitment for serving our members of all backgrounds and identities to happen in truly a natural and integrated way.”

Aims, Care Advocate

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