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When you join Arise, you have a full team that's here to support you in healing.

Care Advocate


We bring together community and clinical services for long-term healing.

Our outpatient program includes therapy, nutrition support, check-ins with a doctor, and peer and group support — all right from home and without taking time off from your life.

Peer mentorship

With your Care Advocate, you'll work on goals that are important to you — like going out to dinner with your friends, dealing with negative body image days, and handling anxious moments. Healing may feel hard, but we'll be right there with you.

Community support

Whether it’s family issues, relationships, or society's expectations of us, a whole lot of tough stuff can come up around eating disorders. Our program includes weekly group support, so you can connect with others going through it — and heal together.

Personalized care

With your Arise care team, you will create a personalized care plan including therapy, sessions with a registered dietitian, and check-ins with a doctor. And it's all virtual, so you can get support right from home.

Care that’s covered by insurance (finally).

Typical care is expensive — but it shouldn't be. Which is why we're making care affordable by accepting insurance from the start.
Right now, we're live in Texas and accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, and Medicare. We'll soon be adding more plans and launching in new states! 

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“I love the connection I've built with my Care Advocate. I trust her and feel trusted by her, I think our exchanges and conversations are all so full of compassion and respect...I feel like I'm being heard and listened to and my concerns and limits are being taken into account.”

Arise Member
Received free care through our beta program

“It has really helped me build a sense of community and belonging that made me less lonely and isolated in my struggle with an eating disorder...I used to think I would never want to make it out of it and be scared of every other program I had encountered, but Arise has changed that for me.”

Arise Member
Received free care through our beta program

Arise is different.
No BS. Just healing.

Typical care
“One-size-fits-all” care
Care designed specifically for you
Doesn’t address trauma and underlying factors that can trigger eating disorders
Holistic care that looks at what’s really going on and supports your needs
Weight stigma and lack of representative care
Diverse care teams trained in weight-inclusive, culturally sensitive care
Expensive and limited options near you
Covered by insurance and fully virtual
Long wait lists
Fast access to the right care
Taking time away from school, work, life
Flexible and designed to fit into your real life

Meet our awesome care team

We've brought together providers who bring their own identities, experiences, and backgrounds to this work. Because who you are, and where you come from, matters to us.

Ayushi Acharya, LCSW



Identifies as a South Asian, cisgender woman

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Lillian Holloway, MD



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Christyna Johnson, RD

Registered Dietitian


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Carol Cruz

Care Advocate


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Aims Babich

Care Advocate


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Frequently asked questions

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Whether you're wondering if your day-to-day issues with food and body image are actually a problem, have been in treatment before, or have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, we're here for you. If thoughts about food and your body are taking over, you feel out of control around food, and your mental health and life is being impacted by it all — you're in the right place.

Arise was designed by and for people of many different backgrounds who have lived with eating disorders and mental health conditions. We all came together to build a program that includes community support and clinical care (think therapy, meeting with a dietitian, checking in a nonjudgmental and supportive medical team). Because we believe everyone deserves the chance to heal.

Yes, you can join without a formal diagnosis! We know that there are many barriers to accessing care for eating disorders, and that it can often be difficult to get an assessment and reach a diagnosis. If you think that you are living with an eating disorder, whether it's self-reported or has been previously diagnosed, this program may be a good fit for you.

Arise Care Advocates have various backgrounds and experiences working with folks through programs like peer recovery coaching and in community-based settings. They are here to be your go-to person throughout the program — starting with listening and seeking to understand your experiences, supporting you in reaching your goals for healing, and supporting you at every step of the journey. They'll be available for one-on-one sessions, leading your community group, and supporting you between sessions, too over text message or email.

We're committed to making care more accessible and affordable. That's why we're accepting insurance from the start. It takes a while for us to get in-network with each health plan, so we're starting with a big one in Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and will roll out additional plans as we get in-network with others.

So here's how pricing works with us:
1. If you're covered by one of the health plans we're in-network with, clinical services (therapy, dietitian sessions, psychiatric and medical services) will be covered by your health plan.
2. In that case, your usual co-pays and deductibles will apply. We'll work with you to understand your coverage and what you can expect your co-pays to be.
3. Depending on where you go for labs, some may accept your insurance, but others may require you submit for out-of-network reimbursement — we'll help you to navigate this, too!

We're not offering a self-pay option at this time.

We're working to expand coverage and accept more health plans as soon as possible.

Questions? Send us an email at

These groups will be bringing together folks who have some shared identities, experiences, and/or backgrounds to surround each other with support. They will be led by Care Advocates and include 5-10 people. You will get to choose which groups feel right for you. Topics will vary week-to-week and also be open to what feels helpful for the group to discuss, which you'll decide together.

We know that healing from an eating disorder can feel so hard — many of our team members have been there, too, and we want you to know we're all here for you. Healing is a process, and the time that it takes will look different for everyone. We're here to support you at every step and build skills that you can take forward in your healing longer-term.